From April 29 to May 7, 2006, Mikhail Kononov held an exhibition featuring more than 40 of his paintings at the Juri Gallery in Winterthur. The pictures he showed were scenes painted from nature, filled with light and touching the viewer as incomparable symphonies of color. Some of them were earlier works the artist had never shown before, others were new creations. 

Many viewers were particularly impressed by the canvases of familiar Swiss landscapes and subjects captivated by the painter in his specific, attractive style. The painting “Erinnerungen” (Memories) with the blooming lilies of the Rosengarten park in Berne was much admired. Equally outstanding were, for instance, the artist’s rendering of sunflowers, birch trees and riversides. While some visitors were touched by unique presentations of an alley in Berne’s Old City or a charming place in Zurich, others focused on colorful pictures originating from Greece, Italy and Russia.

At the opening, visitors from Winterthur, Zurich, Berne and other Swiss cities crowded the rooms of the Juri Bordatchev Gallery. Those who had previously been unfamiliar with Kononov’s work were surprised by the stimulating atmosphere of the show, and also joined the lively talks with the artist and the gallery owner.  

The Juri Gallery is located in the center of Winterthur, a culturally rich city that features many prestigious art museums and offers a wide variety of events in the fields of music, theatre and dance.

Saturday, May 6, 2006